Windows and sidewalls -Check for cracks/gaps in sealant
Steps and ladders -Check ladder is properly secured
Check steps for proper smooth
Operation manual or motorized
Awnings -Check awning(s) for proper
Operation and fabric for defects
Storage compartments -Check for proper operation,
locks function and seals
Slideouts -Check for proper operation,
proper sealing in/out, & seal condition
Lights Exterior -Check for proper operation
Including trailer plug if applicable
Tires and rims -Check for proper inflation,
dry rot, inspect rims for damage
Hitch (if applicable) -Check if operating smoothly
Windows and doors -Check for proper operation/locking
Walls and ceiling -Check for apparent water damage
Cabinets -Check hinges and locks
functioning properly
Flooring -Check for any apparent water
damage, especially around
slide out(s) if applicable
Monitor panel -Check indicators are functioning
Electric -Test A/C & D/C power outlets
Operation of interior lights
Check appliance operation
Check inverter/converter operation
Plumbing -Check all visible lines, fittings, sinks
and faucets for leaks.
Check toilet(s) for proper
function and leaks
Propane -LP drop test
Engine (if applicable) -Check fluids
Visible inspection of hoses/belts
Generator (if applicable)-Start and check oil
Roof -Inspect for tears/cuts in rubber
Inspect seal for gaps and voids
MH Cab area -Check dash lights/gauges, stereo, locks,
windows, wipers, mirrors, cab heat-a/c